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The Richest Natural Source of Super-Antioxidants!

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Cherryvite Supports:
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduced joint & muscle pain
  • Natural recovery from
    sport training
  • Healthy uric acid balance
    in joints

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"Have been a keen golfer for many years, 4 years ago thought my golfing days were over, since taking Cherryvite I am back playing." John

Sour cherry juice
" I was always tired. Since taking Cherryvite I am sleeping like a bear in hibernation!" J. Gardiner, Otago



Hi Maureen,

Thanks  for sending me my order of the Cherryvite 3 pack of Montmorency tart cherries capsules which arrived by courier the next day. I have been taking one every night shortly after dinner like Dr Oz advised and have had tremendous success sleeping soundly every night.

I trust that my cholesterol levels will be much improved also and my next blood test will prove that , I hope .

Wishing you all the best with getting the word out about this great product.

Cheers (or should that be changed to Cherries!)






I work in a Physiotherapy Practice and advise patients on nutrition.I have discovered that Cherryvite is useful as a natural muscle relaxant and anti inflammatory  product as it has been been beneficial to me personally with a Tendo achilles problem I have had many years and I thought my running career was over until taking the natural melatonin for establishing good sleeping patterns. This combined with treatment has brought a new beginning .




Thanks  Maureen ,

I would like six bottles of capsules please . Your product is the best.

Yours Justin .



Another benefit I've received from Cherryvite. I get worse than average jetlag when travelling. I used to get jetlag flying from Christchurch to Sydney !! Not now , I take my Cherryvite capsules and keep up my regular dose when overseas .Jetlag is now almost ziltch.

Cheers Ken



Just a  quick note to say how great your  Cherry Hana Balm is. My mother  couldnt believe the difference it made.    Thank-you so much -  Penny



Cherryvite is a miracle –   

Our world has changed so much, thanks to finding a fantastic product, which not only worked great but also provided some fantastic results, for myself being under a huge amount of stress. With having not one but two sons with special needs I found the cherryvite also worked wonders on me. Not only has my stress levels decreased hugely, I feel I can cope with more now and I feel great.


Thanks so much John and Maureen you are a truly amazing couple.  Thank you for your support




I have been a bit hesitant to write to you to report on our progress as I can't believe how good this product has worked for us - I almost felt like I might 'jink it' or it was just a coincidence.  Since I have started my daughter Sophie ( 3 year old) taking 1 tsp of cherryvite in the afternoons,  she has slept through the night solid for 11-12 hours 8 out of the last nine nights!!!!   I am truly shocked - and she has said to me 'Mum, I slept all night in my bed and it was easy'.  She has also stopped crying when she wakes up - something she has always done, probably because she always felt exhausted in the morning.



 Hi there,

Just to let you know I received my order of Cherryvite tablets this morning and I am really impressed with the service you give. This was only ordered on Tuesday night. Excellent.

Your product is helping me in several ways. I have been feeling so much better since I started taking Cherry Juice. My brother purchased some from you for me to try. You have a winner, or should I say we have a winner here.


Have been taking Cherryvite daily for six weeks and have noticed  huge improvement in my health. I have scrambled around rocks at Pihia Beach this afternoon and that was after a little gardening! This the best I have felt for years. Thank-you so much .

Carolyn Storey,

I am impressed with your Cherryvite , I have only been taking it for a month so far, and I have already  noticed that I am sleeping better plus, now I can  enjoying  walking again.
Many thanks
South Otago

 I started Cherryvite  about Nov  2006.
I am excited what Cherryvite has done for me. Cheers

Phyllis  --- New Plymouth 

THE ELIXIR OF LIFE  --   is what I  call my drink of cherryvite each day . WOW --   puts a smile on my face and lots comments of how well I look 


I have been a keen golfer for many years, 4 years ago thought my golfing days were over, since taking Cherryvite I am back playing golf again .
John C 

I have enjoyed your Cherryvite juice and it has helped greatly. I quite often make a glass up, to have in bed while I am reading a good book .

Everet – Christchurch 

Hi Maureen,
Thanks heaps for ringing me and suggesting to have my Cherryvite warm with honey. It's now my nightly drink. I have been drinking Cherryvite for 15 nights. I will keep you informed of progress, but so far so good! And I expect it will get better over the next few weeks.


Hi Maureen and John. 

I thought it was about time I wrote to you to express my sincere thanks for introducing me to Cherryvite. Wow what a difference it has made to me.  I had got a bit “low”, best way I can describe it really, and now after taking Cherryvite for nine months I certainly feel I have a lot more get up and go. 

I don’t want to bore you with my health details but needless to say I had used up many of my reserves with having had glandular fever some years back and consistently working 6 days a week with long hours, phew, I was ready for a rest! 

So I made a major career change a couple of years back but still I was not feeling recharged. I knew I needed to do more exercise to build up a better fitness level but was really struggling to motivate myself. Once I started taking Cherryvite I really got into walking and gosh what a difference the combination of Cherryvite and a daily 4 to 6 km walk has made. I have even dropped down 2 sizes in clothing!

Another wonderful thing I have found since taking Cherryvite is that I am now able to eat fresh fruit and raw vegetables something I had not been able to do for 10 years or more. In the past every time I ate fresh raw fruit ie apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, raw carrots etc I would end up with a swollen face and throat, runny itchy eyes, itchy tongue and feeling miserable. Yippee  I am now able to eat fresh fruit and enjoy it! So now when I get the 4 pm hunger pains I have a piece of fresh fruit and I feel so much better for it. 

My husband and I are heading away soon for an off shore holiday. I will take with me the Cherryvite capsules. I will be sorry to leave the juice behind as I enjoy taking it daily but think it’s a bit impractical to carry in my back pack!!!     

Will make this do. Hope you are wintering well and thanks again.   


Thank-you for a great product.... what magic energy and great sleep.


Just a wee note to tell you how great I think Cherryvite is –I am a shift worker and I do feel the benefits from the product ---- , I now find that with the shift changes, sleep is even better than it was. 
Thank you

Thank-you both for a wonderful product , Better clarity ,. Happier , up liftting Many thanks .


Sleeping through the night just never happened. my husband said, “I was born tired!” Now with taking Cherryvite daily, I sleep well and are more energetic. Thank-you, Maureen and John for Cherryvite. It’s natural, so it has to be good for you!"

Rosemary Slemint

"I take Cherryvite every day - just 30mls in a glass of water. - I am back working in the garden! It is just a miracle!"


" I was always tired. Since taking Cherryvite I am sleeping like a bear in hibernation!"

"I was recently introduced to Cherryvite - I don't have any particular health issues, but drank it anyway, because I like the taste, and it is good for me as a preventative. After only 3 days, I was having amazingly refreshing sleeps - waking up as I did when I was 12 - completely rested. I am also much more relaxed, nothing seems to stress me - I feel great!!

Thanks John & Maureen
Lynda Gorman

Tart cherries do contain the highest levels of natural antioxidants of fruits and vegetables, and in the natural form that is most readily absorbed by our bodies. This could explain the sense of peace and well being that people report from drinking cherry juice since antioxidants now known to be vital for stress reduction and supporting natural cycles including sleep.

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