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The Richest Natural Source of Super-Antioxidants!

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Cherryvite Supports:
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduced joint & muscle pain
  • Natural recovery from
    sport training
  • Healthy uric acid balance
    in joints

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"Have been a keen golfer for many years, 4 years ago thought my golfing days were over, since taking Cherryvite I am back playing." John

Sour cherry juice
" I was always tired. Since taking Cherryvite I am sleeping like a bear in hibernation!" J. Gardiner, Otago

About Us







The Land we Love
We are a proud fourth generation farming family. 'Springbank' is 700 acres in the Incholme, North Otago area. We have a mixed cropping, lamb fattening and wintering cows operation. Half of the property is irrigated. We also grow Montmorency Tart Cherries.

We have four adult children and are delighted to be grandparents of three grandchildren. Our son and daughter-in-law farm in partnership with us. We are passionate about farming and are always looking for a challenge. We always look for newer or better ways of doing things.

Environmental Considerations
In 1992, we decided that we must use our irrigation water more efficiently. Water is a valuable commodity and is becoming increasingly more so. We began looking for a new crop to grow which wouldn’t take as much water as we had been using. We were also looking for something that was natural and healthy.

An eye to the future
At the beginning we drew a list of prerequisites. The crop must be able to be mechanically harvested. There had to be a consumer demand for our product, and above all, we wanted to grow a crop that is full of health properties.

The Perfect Crop?
After many years of extensive research and trials, we were excited to find the ideal crop - tart cherries.

Tart cherries appeared to be perfect for us as they are abundant in beneficial health properties. They promote general well-being, support natural sleep cycles and support joint mobility whilst being totally natural. 100% tart cherry juice. No additives. No preservatives or other nasties. Nothing but pure juice.

Tart Cherries in NZ
During our research we discovered that in the early 1970's the New Zealand government realised their potential and encouraged the development of a few cherry orchards.

Unfortunately, the majority were disposed of because cherry growing was outside the orchards' core business. We now have the largest planting of tart cherries in New Zealand with even more trees being planted regularly.

Research and Development
We were passionate to lean more about the harvest and growing of cherry trees so we travelled to the USA in 2004.

We spent several weeks speaking with growers and processors to find the highest quality Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate. We were committed to delivering the highest quality cherry juice concentrate to the health-conscious New Zealander.

We believed that New Zealand consumers needed to know about, and have access to, this amazing natural product. After a substantial amount of research and discussion, we identified  the company that produced a superior product. After meeting them, and viewing their orchard and facilities, they were identified as the company that produced the premium product we wanted, and in the volumes we required.

We came home with a small supply of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.

We found that by having cherry juice concentrate with out breakfast, we were well prepared for a day in the orchard. While after a hard day's work, a glass in the evening restored our energy levels.

We needed no further convincing, we really had found the perfect crop!

Since introducing Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate to New Zealand in 2005, we have been astounded. Customers order repeatedly and we receive so much positive feedback about CherryVite.

We are proud to bring you natural good health with CherryVite.

Yours in Good Health!

John & Maureen Newlands
Cherryvite Ltd

Cherryvite Ltd
33 Newlands Road
12 D, RD
Oamaru, North Otago
Phone: 0800 762 267
International: +64 3 439 5255